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Let’s hope this summer holds! We as a club want to get out into the community, and what better way to start than with a couple of fetes? Join us for these upcoming events:

Burgess Hill Town Fayre – 12th June 2016 – 11am to 4pm

Our first time trying to pitch a tent up at Burgess Hill Town Fayre, let’s show the locals a little of what our club has been training for.

Stall set up will be at 09:15. We will have a public performance starting at 12:20 for twenty minutes. Please wear your training Gi and white shoes / socks (ideally thin trainers as opposed to bulky ones). Hopefully the sun holds out!

Cowfold Fete – 2nd July 2016 – 10am onwards

After a dreary event in 2014, we’re hoping this year the 2nd of July will have sunshine! We will be setting up a gazebo and table, and hopefully squeeze in a demo or two.

Horsham Sparks in the Park – 10th July 2016 – 12pm onwards

The 2014 event was extremely well attended, and very very sunny, so bring sun-cream! As with Cowfold we hope to have a large demo area and demo slot, so be sure to practice your kata and come and show it off.


More to come as they are arranged…

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