“Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself.”

Our instructors (‘Sensei’) are the centre of the club. They provide instruction, support and advice on all aspects of training, fitness and karate.

2nd Dan:

IMG_9012-12  IMG_7988

Robbie Baldock Nidan,   Oren Teichmann Nidan

1st Dan:

Sensei Mark

Mark Brown Shodan

Assistant Instructors:

Sensei_Kieran Sensei_Chloe







Kieran Sampson Nidan, Chloe Lorenzo Shodan

All of the instructors:

The club also holds the British Karate Standards Commission Award of Service Excellence which signifies the club has a good level of qualified instructors, insurance, a stable environment and clear pricing and information available.

All the instructors train regularly under the direction of Sensei Gordon Hoare 6th Dan in Horsham as well as take part in courses throughout the year under the direction of British Wadokai Chief Instructor Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi.