Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi

Videos & Media


Martial arts is ripe for the picking in terms of parody and satire. We’ve shared below a few of our favourite¬†clips:

Enter the Dojo – a great YouTube series, which accurately and hilariously satires many aspects of the martial arts world. Some occasional, moderate language.
Jim Carrey Karate Instructor – a classic skit that pokes fun at the rigid pairwork system.
Mr Bean does Judo –  from the legendary Rowan Atkinson, see Mr Bean try out a Judo class.
Napolean Dynamite – Rex Kwon Do – a funny short skit from the film Napolean Dynamite
Karate By Jessie – the Karate Nerd – a great blog full of fantastic karate advice, as well as links to his YouTube channel and videos.


Ohtsuka Sensei – a full 90 minutes of Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka 10th Dan Meijin teaching, demonstrating and performing a catalogue of Wado techniques from kihon to kata. See also this 60 minute documentary.