Sensei Oren

Sensei Oren Teichmann Yodan Tashi


Sensei Oren was 12 years old when he started karate in February 2004 at Mushin Karate Club. In December 2004, he won Mushin Karate Club Student of the Year award – the first the club hosted. He won the AIWa South-East Student of the Year award a year later.

Sensei Oren took part in the Reading Karate Nationals in July 2007 and his team scored Silver and Bronze in their Team Kata categories

In October 2008, he took his 1st Dan grading under Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan and passed both physical and practical elements of the exam and in March 2014, he took his 2nd Dan grading under the same Sensei, passing the 82% rate with a considerable margin.

He began teaching as instructor of Zanshin Wado Ryu in September 2009, alongside Mark Brown 1st Dan and later Robbie Baldock 2nd Dan.

In March 2017, travelling down to Plymouth with his training partner Leslie Forester 1st Dan, he succeeded in passing his 3rd Dan practical and written exam.

In December 2018 he was awarded Shogo Tashi by Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi.

In November 2021, Sensei Oren was awarded his 4th Dan by Sensei Gary Swift.


During his karate hiatus while at Kingston University, Oren took up the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Under his instructor, he took part in the Brazilian handover event of the Paralympics Closing Ceremony.

He came second in the European Axé Capoeira championships in Prague, June 2013, and in the NAS Southern Rounds, Advanced Sparring Rounds in July 2013.

Following his return to Sussex, Oren ceased training with the Capoeira group in order to focus on karate and judo. He had graded to 2nd Corda.


As of April 2014, a decade after starting martial arts, Oren began training with Seishin Judo, under the supervision of Sensei Bruce Scrivens 6th Dan. He came bronze in his first competition in Worthing in February 2015 and is a 4th Kyu. He left the club in October 2016.

Personal Life

Sensei Oren is a technology enthusiast. He studied computer programming at Kingston University and is currently training as an accountant. He is a keen, learning photographer (taking many of the photos seen on this website) and hopes to be able to pursue this hobby further in the future.

Beyond the martial arts he enjoys and has trained in many forms of physical disciplines such as weightlifting, bouldering, gymnastics, calisthenics, and yoga.

He has a passion for music, playing the piano and singing, although does not consider himself musically talented. His favourite band is Queen – who he’s seen live 3 times.

Final Thoughts

“I hope to see myself continue doing martial arts until the day I can no longer stand up. After that, I plan to carry on doing them sitting down.”

Oren Teichmann, 2015