Zanshin Wado Ryu Karate

Welcome to 2018! First session back is Friday 5th January

Zanshin Wado-ryu Karate club was formed in Oct 2009 by Sensei Oren Teichmann 3rd Dan and Sensei Mark Brown 1st Dan.

Top News March 2017 – Sensei Oren achieves 3rd Dan


A little update

Hey all! I noticed I haven’t posted anything up in a while, so I thought why not give you all just a morsel of training footage. Just to whet your appetites:   Also, from my recent training weekend in Bergen, Norway (October 2017) Some slow mo from Christer and James #karate #wado IWFN Wado Karate


8th Kyu Grading

Another hardy congratulations to Alfie Fairall, who graded to 8th Kyu last Friday. He did great and it really showed as he was awarded a First Class pass, something I have not done in many years. It shows technique way above his grade level, which I hope he continues to train and maintain.   I’ll


Zanshin Wado-ryu is a small, friendly and traditional Wado-Ryu Karate club providing a high standard of training and support to students of all ages starting from ages 8 years onwards. The club caters for a wide range of ability levels.

The club’s syllabus comprises of the traditional karate practises of Kata (formal exercise), Kumite (sparring) and Kihon (fundamental techniques) within a framework of physical & mental fitness, flexibility and fun.

Sensei Gary 8th Dan demonstrating on Sensei Robbie - artistically ;-)The name Wado-ryu has three components – Wa means “harmony”, Do means “way” and Ryu means “style”. The discipline was founded by Hironori Otsuka (1892 – 1982) 10th Dan who opened his first karate school in 1934, blending Shotokan with Shindo Yoshin-ryu.

Zanshin is affiliated to British Wadokai, a group with foundations that were established in 1976. The Kyu grade syllabus has remained almost unchanged since the first introduction of Wado-Ryu into the UK by Suzuki Tatsuo 8th Dan Hanshi in 1964.