“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom” ~ Lao-tzu, Tao Te Ching

As with most things success is the sum of many parts. Zanshin Wado-Ryu is no different. Whether it is further information and reading, or more on our affiliates, below is a selections of links for you to read more about karate and Wado.

BWK Logo   British Wadokai. Zanshin Wado-ryu itself is an affiliate of British Wadokai ( which was founded around 1976 by chief instructor Gary E Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi and he, in turn, provides guidance to our own students and Sensei.

BWK Logo  Horsham Wadoryu Karate Club. This is our closest British Wadokai affiliate run by Sensei Gordon Hoare 7th Dan.

Cranleigh Karate Club Logo   Cranleigh Karate Club. This is another local British Wadokai affiliate run by Sensei Ian Hunter 8th Dan and as well as details of training sessions in Cranleigh, Surrey. The site also includes some very good information and advice.

Ki Company Logo   Ki Martial Arts is one of our equipment supplier (

Blitz Logo   Blitz Sports is another quality equipment supplier (

Inter Martial Arts   Bear Martial Arts. A site containing many clubs in the UK, and a very fun blog.

Karate Site Logo   A wealth of information about the different types of karate can be found at Karate Site (

   General information about sports and activities in West Sussex (

   And finally, a selection of Wado-ryu videos can be found on YouTube.