Kefalonia Seminar

Last month I was lucky enough to travel over to Kefalonia where Sensei Eleni Labiri-Suzuki of Suzuki-ha Karate held a seminar with Sensei Gary Swift invited to teach.

It was my first time in the area, and I had an absolute blast getting to know all the students, get a taste for the cuisine, and enjoy the still-very-sunny weather. I look forward to returning again in the future

We covered the gumite-kata, Suparenepei and Seienchin over 3 days of training.

Group shot of the Wado karate seminar attendees, including Gary Swift Hanshi, Eleni Suzuki, Rob Lewis, Oren Teichmann Tashi
2022 Kefalonia Autumn Training Seminar Weekend

More course photos can be found on the Plymouth Karate website
More information on classes available on their website and Facebook page!

Sensei Eleni Suzuki demonstrating defense techniques
Sensei Gary Swift demonstrating Suparenpei

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