Mittsuji Course


Zanshin Wado-ryu holds regular training sessions :

  • Friday
  • 6.15pm – 7.15pm – This is a general training session for all grades and ages (8 yrs old and above).
  • 7:15pm – 8:15pm Reopening as of May 2019, this is an intermediate class, open to 6th Kyu and over OR by invitation.

Friday sessions are in the gymnasium of
The Burgess Hill Academy (previously Oakmeeds Community College, link to Google Maps),
Station Road,
Burgess Hill,
West Sussex,
RH15 9EA.

Our single classes are £3.50 (under 16’s), £4.00 (over 16’s) and families of 3 train for £10.
Friday night double classes are £5.00 (under 16’s) and £6.00 (over 16’s), and families of 3 are £14.


Training Schedules

A typical training session starts with the ‘bow-on’ procedure (a formal ceremony) followed by a light warm-up or game and stretches. The remainder of the session is devoted to instruction and training in the techniques and philosophy of Wado-ryu.

High standards of discipline and respect are a fundamental component of all karate and Zanshin is no different. Students are expected to adhere to the rules of the Dojo and Dojo Etiquette at all times and must be licensed and insured through British Wadokai. A licence application form is available and the current annual cost is £30. Students wear a ‘Gi’ (jacket and trousers) as well as an ‘obi’ (belt) for their appropriate grade.

Your regular training sessions may also be supplemented by local courses run by local clubs affiliated to British Wadokai. These courses are normally on specific topics or areas of training.

When the time is right, students of a sufficient calibre may attempt to grade – gradings typically take place up to 3 times per year. This gives you as a student a target to work towards but should rather be regarded as part of the Wado-ryu journey rather than an end in themselves.

So, if you would like to join the club or discuss it further, please contact us or fill in an application form through this site or feel free to come along before the start of a session.