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Sensei Oren Awarded 4th Dan

Dear all

In a super-late style as always, I forgot to update here on the website the news I received late last year.

In November 2021, I was awarded my Yodan by Sensei Gary Swift while at a training course in Horsham. This is not something I expected to happen any time soon, and I feel very privileged to have received it.

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3rd Dan Promotion

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be graded to 3rd Dan under Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi. It was a tough grading but I made it ­čÖé a big thank you to Leslie Forester for his assistance with both driving us there and back and as a partner in my Kata Kaisetsu and Kihon Gumite.

Also congratulations to Carolyn Watson and Mike Diggle of Plymouth University Wado Ryu Karate Club for their 1st and 2nd Dan success, respectively.


All the best
Sensei Oren … Sandan ­čÖé

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9th Kyu Passes Feb 16

A big, belated congratulations to Holly Brightey for passing her 9th Kyu grading under Sensei Gordon Hoare 5th Dan a few weeks back. She put a lot of effort into learning the basics of Wado karate and displayed them with plenty of confidence.

9th kyu, a red belt, is just the first step for what will hopefully be her very long martial arts journey. She joins her older brother and father, Daniel and Mark Brightey, who have been training in the Dojo since 2010.

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