Mittsu-ji Temple Kata Course

Hello all! On Sunday I was lucky enough to enjoy yet another of the annual Mittsu-ji temple kata courses under Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan.

For those who do not know, the ‘Temple Kata’ are Jit-te ‘Temple Hand’, Ji-han/Ji-on ‘Temple Sound’, and Ji-in ‘Temple Ground’.  As written on the BWK website:

‘Three Temple Kata’. 参慈形

Refers to the 3-temple Kata of British Wadokai. Ji’tte, Ji’han and Ji’in form a group of kata beginning with the same characteristic kamae, which obviously has roots in ancient Chinese boxing. Read more…

With around a dozen in attendance, including several from Grey Wolf Karate and from another club within the BWF, Kimesanchin, the 4 hour course managed to cover in detail the kaisetsu and bunkai of the first kata, Jit-te. The remaining two kata, albeit in not as much detail, were edged in to the remaining two hours.

Here are some of the photos from the day:

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